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Enhance your landscape with mulch, annual flowers and new plants.

Get Real Curb Appeal

Does your landscape need sprucing up? Is it time to tame overgrown shrubs and replace tired-looking plants with new annuals, perennials, and trees? Don’t even think about pulling out those bushes or digging a hole. GreenFactor’s Landscape Installation team will handle it.

Increase Your

Property Value

Updated landscaping not only looks great—landscape enhancements immediately increase the value of your home, and only looks better (and becomes more valuable) as it matures with care. Research shows the perceived value of a well-landscaped property is 5% to 12% higher than a yard that looks bland.

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Landscape Enhancements by GreenFactor

Because we are a full-service lawn care and landscape maintenance provider, we get to know the ins and outs of our customers’ properties. We take the time to discuss possible landscape projects and identify which ones will give you the best ROI and curb appeal for your investment. Even basics like seasonal mulching can significantly improve how your yard looks.

Give Your Landscape a Facelift

What are you waiting for? The best lawn on the block could be yours, and all it takes is a few landscape enhancements. Contact us today. We’ll quickly provide you with a free, custom estimate based on your needs.

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